Initiatives and Services for Women

​During the past period, the Ministry of Commerce has taken a number of measures and programs to enhance and empower the role of women in the society, also promoting their participation in various aspects of economic life, aiming at increasing their role in the economic and development activities. Thus enhancing sustainable development, and achieving the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which aims to activate women's participation in the National Economy. The most prominent initiatives and services are:

  • Establishing Business Centers for Women, characterized by applying the concept of a Female Comprehensive Employee. This is within a new and developed work environment that relies on modern technologies, which facilitate the procedures and save time for businesswomen,​ It provides the same services as customer service centers for men and uses the same electronic platforms, but we have allocated the place to receive women only, out of respect for their privacy to run their business and their requests related to their commercial activity.
  • The women are able now to start a business easily after removing the requirement for the Guardian Approval. Now the procedures are equal between men and women.
  • Women can open the Commercial Registrations, request the registration of the trademarks, booking trade names, practicing free professions​, and registering the commercial agencies. Now all activities that men are permitted to practice are allowed for women, too.
  • The Ministry of Commerce has issued (50,585) Commercial Registrations for women during the period from early 2020 until the end of August.
  • The percentage of Small and Medium Enterprises owned by women reached 36% in the second quarter of 2020
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked first in the Gulf and second in the Arab world​, out of 190 countries in the Report "Women, Business and Law 2020" issued by the World Bank Group. The Kingdom scored (70.6) points out of (100). Thus advancing by (38.8) points, compared to last year's report.


Last Modified 12 Feb 2021
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