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Usage Criteria of Electronic Participation Channels
The Portal of the Ministry of Commerce and investment (MCI), herein referred to as “the Ministry” / “the MCI Portal”, has provided in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia channels for electronic participation via the well-known social networks, herein referred to as “networks”. It has put into effect several pages on these networks to manage to communicate and interact with its audience via these channels. These pages are available for your personal usage and your access and usage to it are subjected to terms and conditions of usage, and for the rules of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, your access and usage for these pages is an unconditional acceptance for the terms of the electronic participation channels, whether you were registered user or not. And this acceptance is in force as of the date of your first usage.
Additionally, there are terms and policies set by the founders of these networks, and the Ministry advises you reading and reviewing them to be familiarized with your rights and responsibilities. Using these pages includes a number of terms which is subjected to updates and modifications, and we recommend continuously having look on them. Further, the MCI Portal has the right to make any modification or update for any of these terms; it takes effect once it is accredited by the portal management. This requires of you continuous reviewing to be familiarized with any updates taking place. As such, your continuous usage and visit for these pages means that you have fully viewed and accepted any modification taking place to its usage terms; bearing in mind that these terms include property rights. And the portal management is not liable to announce any updates taking place to these terms.
1. MCI's Pages on Social Networks:
The Ministry has created a number of pages at the social networks, of which are the following links:

  •  The Ministry's page at Google+; to visit the page click here.
  •  The Ministry's page at Twitter; to visit the page click here.
  •  The Ministry's page at Facebook; to visit the page click here.
  •  The Ministry's page at YouTube; to visit the page click here.
 All the pages created by the Ministry are subjected to the same usage terms, and the Ministry is not obliged to mention them here.
2. Restrictions on Usage:
The Ministry of Commerce and investment seeks to open up a number of interaction and participation channels with its audience via the social networks. The Ministry has sought to create its own pages at these networks with the aim of expanding the scope of communication, interaction, and participation with the users of these networks. Thus, the Ministry's focus is to work on updating its content materials at a regular basis and convey them to their audiences through several channels of which are all the social networks. These networks provide other characteristics making easier for its users to follow up all the latest and share the comments and opinions with other users at these websites.
Subscribers to the Ministry's pages at the social networks will have access to some of what is published of materials related to the Ministry. And using the MCI's pages at the social networks means that you are committed to the following:
Sharing and commenting the news, reports, and articles published at the Ministry's pages while being committed to the instructions and communication code of ethics.
Not using these pages in any commercial, promotional or undesirable activity; or any misuse.
Not sending links in order to provide or download files, viruses, or damaged data.
Not publishing, announcing, distributing, or circulating materials or information containing defamation, law violation, or sexual, obscene, and against Islamic rulings or code of ethics materials; or illegal materials or information.
Not promoting for any illegal activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Not violating any law or system applied at any field.
Not using any means or program, or trying to intercept the proper operation for the MCI's pages.
3. Links of the Social Networks Pages
Using links from and to the MCI's pages at the social networks is subjected to the following:
It is feasible to put the links of the MCI's pages at any other websites which do not conflict with regard to their goals and their orientation with the goals, policies, frameworks of the Ministry of Commerce and investment .
Under no circumstances is the Ministry of Commerce and investment considered participating or linked in any way whatsoever with any trademarks, logos, or brands, or other means used or appear at the websites linked to these pages or any of their content.
The Ministry of Commerce and investment keep its right with regard to suspending or intercepting any links whatsoever from any website containing inappropriate, flagrant, defamatory, obscene, sexual, or illegal topics. Or names, materials, or information violate any law or breach any intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or public rights.
You are not responsible for any content available at any other website that is accessed via the MCI's pages at the social networks.
The Ministry is not liable to the content or plausibility of the portals and /or websites, and/ or the pages which are linked to it and it does not approve of its content. Therefore, you are fully responsible for using any of these links to access these websites, portals, or pages. And as long as we cannot control these links, we do not, any way, guarantee that these links will work continuously.
4. Waiver of Claims:
MCI's pages at the social networks contain information and materials that can be accessed for your personal usage “as is” and “as is available” without any approval, promises, or guarantees whatsoever. We cannot guarantee or bear the responsibility for any failures, errors, or encroachments that could arise from their usage or their content, or any website linked to it, whether we were on the knowing side or not.
The user, by sending any communications or information via these social networks, will not have the right to own them or guarantee their confidentiality. Also, any usage or interactive usage these networks involve does not guarantee for the user any rights, licensing, or any concessions whatsoever.
5. Limits of Responsibility
The information or materials, or anything the Ministry of Commerce and investment (MCI) presents via its pages at these networks, it is only presented to be published at these networks. As such, you knowingly approve that communications via the internet may vulnerable to interference​ or interception by others. Hence, using these networks remain your own responsibility, and we, under no circumstances, are responsible for any loss or harm whatsoever you may sustain because of your usage or visit for these networks or depending on any statement, opinion or advertisement at it. Or what may occur because of operation delay, disconnection, problems accessing to the internet, device or program failures, or behavior and thoughts of any person accessing these networks. Thus, you approve and accept that your only exclusive means to tackle any harm or loss taking place as a result of accessing or using these networks is to be prevented from their usage or accessing them, or discontinue doing so.
6. Compensation
Herein you approve that you will not take any procedure against the Ministry of Commerce and investment (MCI) or any of its departments, and compensate and secure it from any responsibility, as well as, any bodies, employees, or agents in charge of managing the MCI's pages at these social networks. This is with regard to all the commitments and responsibilities which could arise in terms of any claim taking place from any violation on your part with the usage terms of these networks, or any of the laws in force whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the place in which you live.
7. Property Rights
All the content materials available at these pages are protected by virtue of publishing rights, trademarks, and other forms of property rights. Only the personal user and non-profit usage are allowed to benefit from the content of these pages and any information published at them, also, it is necessary to refer that the Ministry of Commerce and investment is the source of that content and this information. Further, it is not allowed in many ways to sell, license, rent, modify, copy, imitate, re-print, download, advertise, transfer, distribute, publicly display, edit, or create works derived from any of this portal's materials or content for audience or commercial purposes without obtaining a previous written acceptance from the Ministry of Commerce and investment (MCI) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, it is strictly banned to modify any of the content materials. Additionally, the drawings and images at these pages are protected by virtue of publishing rights, and it is not allowed to imitate or exploit them in any way whatsoever without a previous written acceptance from the MCI in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
8. Judicial Reference:
You thereby accept to be exclusively subjected to the judiciary authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with regard to all the claims and disputes that arise from your usage for this portal; bearing in mind that the Arabic language is to be the official language used to settle any disputes arising from your usage for the portal or any of its content.
9. General Terms and Conditions:
a) The Ministry will under no circumstances be liable for other users' access whether they are individuals, governmental or civil institutions to your account or your information at the social networks.
b) You are fully responsible for protecting your personal information and having access to it is your own responsibility.
c) The Ministry has full right to delete or not to publish any comments or participations for the social network users at its pages whether they were appropriate or not to be published without returning to you according to what the Ministry decides.
d) In case there are any inquiries or opinions on privacy and disclaimer terms, you can communicate with the Ministry via Contact Us form at its portal at Contact Us  page.
e) You should be familiar with how to communicate any inquiries on the social networks via their websites.

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